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Password Strength Test

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To make strong passwords, use these principles:
  • Use both upper and lower case letters.
  • Include numeric digits.
  • Include punctuation and special characters (like ~ @ # $ & , ;).
  • Use longer passwords, minimum of 6-8 characters.
  • Do not use words/names/numbers associated with yourself.
  • Random combinations of letters, numbers and special characters are best, but multiple random words in mixed case, combined with numbers and special characters, can also be good, and maybe easier to remember.

Automated analysis of password strength can only an approximation. There are many factors that make a password strong or weak, and only some of those are subject to automated analysis. For example, if your name is "William Thompson" and you use "William_Thompson" as your password, because the password is long, has both upper and lower case letters, and a special character, this algorithm would rate it 'Very Strong'. But your name would be an extremely weak password for any hacker who knows it. You should never use as passwords the name, initials, birth or anniversary date, address, etc. of family members, the names of pets, or any other words or numbers associated with yourself. Those are either readily available to any potential hacker from public sources (e.g. phone books, birth or marriage records), or likely known by a hacker who knows you.

This algorithm calculates password entropy based on the number of possible symbols used and the password length. It expresses how difficult the password would be to crack using a brute force attack. It does not address the issue of using words or numbers that might be more or less easy to guess by a hacker, such as your name or address.

This page is only an aid in making strong passwords. As explained above, it is easy to make a password that would rate strong here, but would be relatively easy for a hacker to crack. We assume no responsibility for the security of passwords you create and use.