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Visual Basic .NET Programs and Files

File NameSizeDescription
ArraysWithNonZeroLB.zip3,7722009-02-14 How to create arrays with non-zero lower bounds
CalcLoans.zip26,0062008-10-14 Calculate Loan Amt, APR, Payment or Nbr Payments, given any 3 (project files)
Calendar.zip164,1832008-11-19 Print month-per-page calendar with personal dates and US holidays (exe & doc only)
CommandLineArgs.zip3,3482009-02-14 How to access command line arguments
Compares.zip3,7372009-02-14 Examines comparing various types
ConsoleFileDialogs.zip4,1582009-02-14 How to use file Open and Close dialogs in console application
ConsolePrinting.zip5,3962009-02-14 How to print in console application
DataTypeMembers.zip4,4272009-02-14 Demonstrates using methods of standard data types, even literals
Dates.zip4,1502009-02-14 Demonstrates a number of Date/Time properties and System Globalization items
Dec2Txt.zip5,6752009-02-14 Convert Decimal value to full text (e.g. 3.4 -> "Three And Four Tenths")
DefaultValues.zip3,4982009-02-14 Tests default values of uninitialized variables
DoLoop.zip3,2432009-02-14 Various Do/Loop examples
Download.zip27,8962008-12-12 Download a file given it's URL (project files)
EmptyRecycleBin.zip3,3172009-02-14 Empty the recycle bin
Enumerations.zip3,6172009-02-14 Demonstrates using attribute with Enumerations
Environment.zip5,0062009-02-14 Examples using System.Environment namespace
Events1.zip5,5962009-02-14 Using Events 1 - Using 'WithEvents' and 'Handles' to connect events
Events2.zip5,5842009-02-14 Using Events 2 - Using Addhandler statement to connect events
Events3.zip5,5532009-02-14 Using Events 3 - Using delegates
Factorial.zip3,2922009-02-14 Classical recursive Factorial function
Format.zip3,9522009-02-14 Examples of using Micsosoft.VisualBasic.Strings.Format() function
ForNext.zip3,5832009-02-14 Various For/Next examples
HelloWorld.zip2,9152009-02-14 Customary minimal VB program
HttpUtility.zip3,3592009-02-14 Using HttpUtility class to convert text to/from HTML
If.zip3,2552009-02-14 Various If examples
IIf.zip3,1782009-02-19 Using IFf operator
Interface.zip3,4772009-02-14 Example of Implementing an Interface in a Class
Like.zip3,7712009-02-14 Using Like operator
Lng2Txt.zip4,4122009-02-14 Convert Int64 value to full text (e.g. 34 -> "Thirty Four")
MakeChange.zip4,5332009-02-14 Calculate change from sale
Mid.zip3,3812009-02-14 Using Mid() Function and Statement
ModuleProperty.zip3,1732009-02-14 Using properties in modules
ModuleScope.zip3,3252009-02-14 Demo of Module level scope and qualification
OptionalArguments.zip3,2262009-02-14 Demonstrates using Optional Arguments
ParamArray.zip3,4782009-02-14 Demonstrates using ParamArrays
PassByRef.zip3,9952009-02-14 Effects of Pass by Reference
PassByRefSafe.zip4,1302009-02-14 How to Pass by Reference and block changes in called method
PassByVal.zip3,9442009-02-14 Effects of Pass by Value
Passwords.zip5,1342009-02-14 Generates and scores passwords of any length
PowersOf2.zip3,2462009-02-14 Displays powers of 2 from 2^0 to 2^95
PrioritizeList.zip108,6302007-07-24 Prioritize a list of items, tasks, etc. (exe & doc only)
Recursion1.zip3,2772009-02-14 Example Recursion - Factorial
Recursion2.zip3,3272009-02-14 Example Recursion - Walking directory tree
Recursion3.zip4,0432009-02-14 Example Recursion - Simple convert number to text
Rounder.zip4,1352009-02-14 Rounds decimal number to any position to left or right of decimal point
SelectCase.zip3,7252009-02-14 Various Select Case examples
SpecialDirectories.zip3,5042009-02-14 Demo of My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories functions
Stat.zip6,9292009-02-14 Class to return all Combinations or Permutations of a group of items
StaticVariables.zip3,6662009-02-14 Exploring effects of Static/Non-static local variables
StringBuilder.zip3,3982009-02-14 Using the StringBuilder class
StringFunctions.zip3,7932009-02-14 Using Visual Basic string functions
StringMethods.zip3,9412009-02-14 Using methods of String class
Structures.zip3,9932009-02-14 Implementing Structures with properties, methods and constructors
TextIO.zip3,4132009-02-14 How to read/write text files
TryCatch.zip3,2862009-02-14 Example of using a Try/Catch block
TypeChars.zip3,1282009-02-14 Using Basic variable type characters
WhileEndWhile.zip3,2662009-02-14 Various While/End While examples, including exiting 3-deep nested loops
WinAPI1.zip3,5202009-02-14 Using the Win32API
WinAPI2.zip3,4722009-02-14 Using the Win32API with System.Runtime.InteropServices