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PowerBasic for DOS Programs and Files

File NameSizeDescription
2FILES.ZIP11,9282009-02-14 How to input two file names in COMMAND$
ACOS.ZIP24,5062009-02-14 ACOS function without intrinsic
ALLBASE.ZIP22,4222009-02-14 Convert a decimal number to bases 2-36
ALLCOMB.ZIP18,8962009-02-14 Prints all combinations N items of M
ALLWORDS.ZIP20,9712009-02-14 Prints all words of Size Min to Max
ASIN.ZIP24,4692009-02-14 ASIN function without intrinsic
ATAN.ZIP24,4752009-02-14 ATAN function without intrinsic
ATN2.ZIP22,5092009-02-14 ATN(dy,dx) resolving quadrant
ATNEULER.ZIP23,9222009-02-14 TAN function without intrinsic
BASECONV.ZIP22,5992009-02-14 Convert from any base to any base (2-36)
BIN2HEX.ZIP20,9262009-02-14 Convert binary string to hex string
CALENDAR.ZIP35,9832009-02-14 Prints one page calendars with holidays
COMB.ZIP20,7122009-02-14 Prints all combinations of N items from set of M
COS.ZIP23,8882009-02-14 COS function without intrinsic
DEC2BIN.ZIP20,7692009-02-14 Convert number to binary string
DEC2FRAC.ZIP23,4352009-02-14 Convert decimal to fraction (nn.nn to dd nn/dd)
EASTER.ZIP21,6732009-02-14 Calculate date of Easter for any year
EGACOLOR.ZIP21,0292009-02-14 Display EGA color palette remap table
EXP.ZIP23,8162009-02-14 EXP (e^x) function without intrinsic
FACT.ZIP22,1222009-02-14 Factorial using iterative & recursive
FACTOR.ZIP21,2702009-02-14 Find roots of quadratic equation Ax^2+Bx+C
GCD.ZIP20,3192009-02-14 Greatest Common Divisor using Euclid's algorithm
LCM.ZIP20,7462009-02-14 Lowest Common Multiple
LISTFILE.ZIP27,8672009-02-14 List ASCII file with header, line numbers
LISTONLY.ZIP27,9202009-02-14 List ASCII file with header only
LN.ZIP23,8812009-02-14 Natural logarithm ln() function without intrinsic
LONGEST.ZIP26,2392009-02-14 Display longest line in text file
PASSWORD.ZIP27,1142009-02-14 Random alphanumeric password generator
PDUMP.ZIP28,2892009-02-14 Print dump of file in format similar to DEBUG
PERM.ZIP20,7322009-02-14 Prints all permutations of N items from set of M
PI.ZIP23,9912009-02-14 Calculate PI
POWER.ZIP22,8202009-02-14 Calculate integer power function without intrinsic
POWER2.ZIP17,7512009-02-14 Test integer to be power of 2
PRIMETST.ZIP23,0612009-02-14 Test integers for Primality
PRNTEST.ZIP19,9742009-02-14 Test Printer Ready
ROUND.ZIP22,3452009-02-14 Round number to specified point
SIN.ZIP23,9152009-02-14 SIN function without intrinsic
SORTSHEL.ZIP23,4822009-02-14 Demo for Shell-Metzner Sort
SQRT.ZIP23,8802009-02-14 SQR function without intrinsic
STRSORT.ZIP20,0102009-02-14 Sort letters in a character string
TIMER.ZIP20,3362009-02-14 Prototype to time nnn loops of code
WEEKDAY.ZIP20,0952009-02-14 Day of week from date using Zeller's Congruence