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PowerBasic Console Compiler Programs and Files

File NameSizeDescription
Acos.zip9,6872009-02-14 Arc cosine function
AllBase.zip9,1512009-02-14 Convert a decimal number to bases 2-36
AllComb.zip6,1372009-02-14 Prints combinations N items of M
AllWords.zip9,3602009-02-14 Prints words of Size Min to Max
Asin.zip9,6352009-02-14 Arc Sine function
Atan.zip9,6442009-02-14 Arc tangent function
Atan2.zip8,0092009-02-14 Arc tangent(dy,dx) resolving quadrant
AtanEuler.zip9,0082009-02-14 Tangent function
Attr.zip18,2272009-02-14 Replacement for ATTRIB
BaseConv.zip11,4322009-02-14 Convert from any base to any base (2-36)
Bin2Hex.zip5,9532009-02-14 Convert binary string to hex string
Cal.zip36,3312009-02-14 One page year calendar with holidays
CloneDir.zip31,7612009-02-14 Clone subdirectories (exe & doc only)
Comb.zip12,0542016-01-18 Combinations of N items from set of M
Cos.zip9,0152009-02-14 Cosine function
Cre2Upd.zip10,1602009-02-14 Copy File Time: Create to Modify
DateDayNbr.zip12,8532009-02-14 Calc successive nbr of date
DayOfWeek.zip12,1462009-02-14 Day of week using Zeller's Congruence
Dec2Bin.zip6,5642009-02-14 Convert number to binary string
Dec2Frac.zip11,1542009-02-14 Convert decimal to fraction
Easter.zip8,2032009-02-14 Calculate Easter (Oudin/Tondering)
Exp.zip8,9122009-02-14 Exponent (e^x) function
FA.zip21,7072009-02-14 Displays or changes file attributes
Fact.zip8,9252009-02-14 Compute Factorial
Factor.zip10,4232009-02-14 Find roots of quadratic eqn: Ax^2+Bx+C
FileOpen.zip10,2112009-02-14 Demo OpenFileDialog
FileSave.zip10,1912009-02-14 Demo SaveFileDialog
FinDup.zip27,1092009-02-14 Finds and displays duplicate files
FS.zip18,6002009-02-14 Displays file sizes
GCD.zip9,4172009-02-14 Compute GCD using Euclid's algorithm
LCM.zip9,5322009-02-14 Lowest Common Multiple
LN.zip9,0042009-02-14 Natural logarithm function
LoanAmt.zip10,6542009-02-14 Calculate loan PV (Amount)
LoanInt.zip10,7302009-02-14 Calculate loan i (APR)
LoanPer.zip10,6722009-02-14 Calculate loan n (Periods)
LoanPmt.zip10,6572009-02-14 Calculate loan PMT (Payment Amt)
Longest.zip13,6532009-02-14 Display longest line in ASCII file
MakeChange.zip8,3682009-02-14 Calculate change in bills & coins
NameDate.zip17,8002009-02-14 Names files update time: yyyymmdd-hhmm-nn.*
Nbr.zip14,1102009-02-14 Write numbers 0 to n to STDOUT
NewCat.zip21,7422009-02-14 Updates/creates !Catalog.txt file
PalindromeYears.zip6,1782009-02-14 Displays palindrome years 1-9999
Parse.zip9,1882009-02-14 Parse command line with quoted fields
ParseFiles.zip15,1442009-02-14 Parse command line & expand wildcards
Passwords.zip19,9972009-02-14 Random Password Generator
PDump.zip23,3612009-02-14 Print dump of file similar to DEBUG fmt.
Perm.zip12,0412009-02-14 Permutations of N items from set of M
PF.zip23,9212009-02-14 Print ASCII file
PFH.zip29,5142009-02-14 Print ASCII file with headers
PFHL.zip29,5622009-02-14 Print ASCII file with headers, landscape
PhoneNbr.zip7,3922009-02-14 Convert Alpha Phone Number to Numeric
PI.zip9,1392009-02-14 Calculate PI
Power.zip9,8502009-02-14 Calculate integer power function
Power2.zip6,1082009-02-14 Test integer to be power of 2
Primes.zip26,5212009-02-14 Display/print primes up to 999,999,999
PrimeTest.zip9,1982009-02-14 Tests integers for primality
PrintMarg.zip14,4582009-02-14 Display Windows printers & margins
Reduce.zip12,4162009-02-14 Reduce ratio a:b using GCD(a,b)
RepText.zip11,5132009-02-14 Multi-file/multi-text search & replace
Round.zip7,8772009-02-14 Round number to specified point
Secs2TimeStr.zip7,1122009-02-14 Convert Seconds to string hhh:mm:ss.s
Sieve.zip9,1432009-02-14 Find primes using Eratosthenes Sieve
Sin.zip8,9962009-02-14 Sine function
SortBubble.zip10,4132009-02-14 Demo for Bubble Sort
SortShell.zip10,8962009-02-14 Demo for Shell Sort
SourceTime2Exe.zip11,6122009-02-14 Copy source file times to exe file
Sqrt.zip8,9652009-02-14 Square Root function
StrSort.zip5,7122009-02-14 Sort letters in a character string
Sweep.zip10,2512009-02-14 Repeat command in each subdirectory
TimeIt.zip11,9042009-02-14 Times execution: TimeIt prog params
TimerShell.zip6,2302009-02-14 Prototype to time nnn loops of code
Upd2Cre.zip10,1522009-02-14 Copy File Time: Modify to Create
Upd2CreAcc.zip10,2132009-02-14 Copy File Time: Modify to Create & Access