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C Programs and Files

File NameSizeDescription
Acker1.zip15,2412009-02-14 Ackermann function (Classical)
Acker2.zip15,2772009-02-14 Ackermann function (Recursive tail)
BaseConv.zip18,4792009-02-14 Convert Number from any base to any base
BigCalc.zip81,0721999-01-01 RPN calculator with up to 1075 digits precision (DOS, Microsoft C 6.0)
Commas.zip15,2582009-02-15 Insert commas into a number string
DateDay.zip15,8152009-02-15 Calculate date day number from date (Jan 1, 1584 = 0)
DateTest.zip16,5032009-02-15 Verify accuracy of DayOfWeek and DateDay from years 1584-9999
DayOfWeek.zip15,9332009-02-15 Calculate day of week from date (Sun=0,Mon=1,...,Sat=6)
Fact.zip20,3982009-02-15 Factorial using iterative & recursive algorithms
Filter.zip13,4512009-02-14 Shell for DOS filter program
GCD.zip17,5892009-02-14 Compute Grestest Common Divisior using Euclid's algorithm
Kaleidoscope.zip22,5991999-01-01 Kaleidoscope program (DOS, Microsoft C 6.0)
Power2.zip14,9052009-02-14 Test integer to be power of 2
Primes.zip19,8132009-02-14 Display/count prime numbers in any range up to 999,999,999
Rand.zip15,1132009-02-14 Code for MSC random number generator
Reverse.zip15,0812009-02-14 Reverse bits in 64 bit integer
Sqrt.zip26,3312009-02-14 Square Root using Newton's Method
Sum.zip18,0162009-02-14 Print all natural numbers which sum to N
Sum1.zip17,8082009-02-14 Print all natural numbers which sum to N
Sum2.zip18,0842009-02-14 Print all natural numbers which sum to N